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  • MTP MTP Fiber

    MTP MTP Fiber

    Product Description: With this MTP/MPO fiber cable, you are ready for deployment in any single mode 9/125 MTP/MPO network.

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  • MPO MPO Fiber

    MPO MPO Fiber

    Description: This fiber patch cord cables are simplex multi-fiber cable using MPO/MTP connector in fiber counts of 4,8,12,24 or 48.

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  • Fiber Optic LC

    Fiber Optic LC

    Description: LC/LC-PC/PC Single Mode 2 Core Optical fiber Jumper/Patch cord.

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  • OM4 Fiber

    OM4 Fiber

    Description: We are supplying MPO to LC OM3 OM4 Fiber Optic Jumper/Patch Cord with nice quality and reasonable prices.

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  • OM3 Fiber

    OM3 Fiber

    Description: Communication cable LC-MTRJ Duplex OM3 2.0mm PVC/LSZH jacket fiber optic patch cord jumper.

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  • Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

    Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

    Description: Factory supply GYFXTY GYXTW GYTS GYTA GYFTY ADSS GYTA53 2-288 core Outdoor Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable.

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  • Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

    Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

    Description: Nosens offers Telecommunication level LC MPO OM4 OM3 corning glass 3M SC LC FC ST Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable.

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  • UPC Patch Cord

    UPC Patch Cord

    Description: C/UPC-FC/UPC Simplex 3.0mm simplex LC-LC optical fiber patch cord.

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  • SC Single Mode Simplex Fiber Optic Jumper

    SC Single Mode Simplex Fiber Optic Jumper

    Fiber optic patch cable is a cable with connectors on two ends to connect devices and transmit signals. Pigtail is fiber cable with only one connector fixed on one end. According to the...

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  • Fiber Patch Cable Multimode Lc To Sc 1 Meter

    Fiber Patch Cable Multimode Lc To Sc 1 Meter

    Features Stable and high quality Meet IEC, JIS, Bellcore international standard requirements High performance and cost effective Mass and flexible production meeting various demand Custom...

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  • Single Mode Lc To Sc Fiber Patch Cable

    Single Mode Lc To Sc Fiber Patch Cable

    Fiber Optic patch cord simplex SC to LC connector Patch Cord Features 1.Price-Competitive 2.Low Insertion Loss & PDL 3. Customized lengths 4.Feature Connector with Ceramic Ferrules...

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  • Lc Sc Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

    Lc Sc Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

    Professional high quality connector Fiber Patch Cord Fiber optic patch cords suits for equipment jumper cable, cross connects and work area connections. The patch cords are available in both...

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