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Why Is The MTP/MPO Fiber Jumper Widely Used?

- Mar 19, 2018 -

With the needs of the data center is increasing, the traditional optical fiber not only reduces the data center space utilization, and also increased the wiring system management system, and MPO/MTP optical fiber jumper greatly enhance the data center space utilization, so the MPO and MTP optical fiber jumper jumper is widely used.

MTP optical fiber jumper and MPO fiber by optical fiber connector and optical fiber cables, which according to the fiber core usually can be divided into 4 core, 8 core, 12 core, 24 core, 48 core, 72 core and 144 core types and so on, but the connector can only achieve 48 core now on the market, the market has no more core number big appear. The connecting head of MPO/MTP is divided into two kinds, that is, the common head connector and the female head connector. The difference between their male head and the mother's head is that the male head has a pair of needles while the female head does not.

Classification of MTP fiber jumper /MPO fiber jumper line:

A, based on optical fiber transmission: single mode MPO/MTP fiber jumper line and multimode MTP/MPO fiber jumper.

B, according to the application of MTP/MPO optical fiber jumper, there are branched optical fiber jumpers and no branch jumpers. Branched short meter optical fiber jumpers are usually used in distribution boxes and chassis. Non branched optical jumpers are backbone optical jumpers.

What is the advantage of the MPO/MTP fiber jumper?

The advantages of MPO/MTP fiber jump line are: 1, small diameter, small size, so that the diameter of the wiring can be increased. 2, the special design of the connector can eliminate the butt error and greatly save the installation time.  3, according to the user's different configuration requirements, the corresponding MPO/MTP fiber jumper can be selected to meet the different wiring requirements. 4, the components have excellent optical and mechanical properties, and the insertion loss is low in the high-speed network environment. 5, the use of micro cable bending radius to provide maximum limit, and the size and volume are relatively small.

The application of MPO/MTP optical fiber jumper is as follows: 1, high-density optical fiber line 2, communication and CATV network 3, data center wiring system 4, LAN and WAN user end. 5. Data center.

MPO/MTP optical fiber jumper is widely used in high-density cabling system. It occupies a small space and saves installation time and cost. It is an ideal solution for high-density wiring environment.

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