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Whether The Insertion Loss Of The Fiber Jumper Is As Small As Possible

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Optical fiber jumper jumper device as a signal, connecting the light path, the more small insertion loss Although the attenuation caused by the smaller, but the blind pursuit of high optical parameters, materials and process all fiber jumper must rise substantially, need to pay a high cost, the price is not suitable. In the design of optical system, the design power of light source will be reserved, which is more powerful than the actual application.

Through the optical attenuator and optical splitter, the power will be reduced to the actual power needed. Therefore, the insertion loss of the connected optical fiber jumper reaches the requirement of the telecommunication level. If we want to improve the performance of jumpers, such as interchangeability, reliability and consistency, we recommend that customers use jumper end interference (3D) optical fiber jumpers. This is the international standard of high standard jumpers.

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