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Fiber Patch Cord Classification And Interface Type

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Fiber patch cord classification and interface type

Fiber jumpers are mainly divided into the following two categories:

1) Transmission point modulus

The transmission point module classifies Single Mode Fiber and Multi Mode Fiber. Single-mode fiber has a very small core diameter and can only be transmitted in a single mode at a given operating wavelength, with a transmission bandwidth and a large transmission capacity. A multimode fiber is an optical fiber that can transmit simultaneously in multiple modes at a given operating wavelength. Compared with single-mode fiber, multimode fiber has poor transmission performance.

2) Refractive index distribution

The refractive index distribution type optical fibers can be classified into a jump type optical fiber and a graded optical fiber. The refractive index of the fiber core and the refractive index of the protective layer are both constant. At the interface between the core and the protective layer, the refractive index changes stepwise. The gradient of the graded fiber core decreases with a certain radius as the radius increases, and decreases to the refractive index of the protective layer at the interface between the core and the protective layer. The change in refractive index of the core approximates a parabola.

Various fiber jumper interface types introduced

Fiber Connector

FC round threaded (up to the panel)

ST card type round

SC card square type (the most used on the router switch)

PC microsphere polishing

APC is 8 degrees and micro-spherical polished

MT-RJ square type, one dual fiber transceiver

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