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Om3 Fiber Patch Cord

Om3 Fiber Patch Cord

The OM3 fiber patch cord is a 850nm laser-optimized 50um core multimode fiber. In 10Gb/s Ethernet with 850nm VCSEL, the fiber transmission distance can reach 300m.

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Product Details

The OM3 fiber patch cord is a 850nm laser-optimized 50um core multimode fiber. In 10Gb/s Ethernet with 850nm VCSEL, the fiber transmission distance can reach 300m. OM3 has a higher transmission rate and bandwidth, so it is called optimized multimode fiber or 10G multimode fiber; it uses flame-retardant skin to prevent flame spread, prevent smoke, acid gas and toxic gas, and meet 10 gb/ The need for s transfer rate.

When do you use OM3 fiber patch cords?

OM3 fiber is designed to work with VCSEL and meets ISO/IEC11801-2nd OM-3 fiber specifications to meet the needs of 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. There are many types of OM3 fiber, including indoor type, indoor/outdoor versatility, etc. The number of cores of the fiber is from 4 cores to 48 cores. It also supports all applications based on older multimode 50/125 fiber, including support for LED sources and laser sources.

1. Transmission distance of Gigabit Ethernet using OM3 fiber system can be extended to 900 meters, which means that users do not have to use expensive laser devices when the distance between buildings is more than 550 meters.

2. Within the distance of 2000 meters, standard 62.5/125μm multimode fiber can be used in all cases within the OC-12 (622Mb/s) rate range, and other modes will be used. However, the emergence of OM3 multimode fiber has changed this situation. Since OM3 fiber can increase the transmission distance of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit systems, the use of 850 nm wavelength optical module in conjunction with VCSEL will be the most cost-effective cabling solution.

3. When the link length exceeds 1000 meters, single-mode fiber is still the only choice. Single-mode fiber can achieve 5 km transmission distance at 1310 nm in Gigabit system, and 10 km in 10 Gigabit system. Transmission distance.

4. When the link length is less than or equal to 1000 meters, OM3 50μm multimode fiber can be used in the Gigabit system, and single mode fiber should be used in the 10G system.

5. When the link length is less than 300 meters, OM3 multimode fiber can be applied to any Gigabit and 10G system.

Fiber optic patch cords are available in all standard connector styles, all standard fiber types and all standard cable configurations to meet all your interconnection needs. They are available in any length .
The patch cord are factory terminated, assembled, tested and inspected prior to shipment.
All patch cords are manufactured using OFNR riser grade cable, LSZH, plenum, and premium customized specs available upon request, and 100% factory tested to ensure the performance to meet standards. All assemblies are tested.


Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

Good echangeabilityGood Durability

High temperature stability


Testing equipment
Optical fiber CATV
Optical communication system

Production Processes:


Packing Information:

1pcs/antistatic bag, or special packing according to customer’s request.



-International Express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and so on.

-You also can choose your own nominated air or sea forwarder in Shanghai, please notify us in advance.

-Shipments are usually dispatched in 2-3 working days after receiving your payments.



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