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The distinction between optical fiber and fiber

- Mar 19, 2018 -

The full name of optical fiber is called optical fiber. The English name is OPTIC FIBER, and also called OPTICAL FIBER, which is drawn from pure quartz (glass) with special technology and drawn into glass tube which is thinner than the hair and has medium in the middle. It is brittle and brittle, so a protective layer is needed.

Optical fiber cable is mainly composed of optical fiber (fine hair like glass silk) and plastic protective casing and plastic outer skin. The protective structure of the outer layer can prevent the damage of the surrounding environment on the fiber, such as water, fire, electric shock, etc. fiber, buffer layer and cloak are divided.

The fiber optic cable and the fiber which is good, above is the optical fiber cable and the optical fiber the difference introduction. Fiber optic cable, which is a part of the fiber cable. Fiber is the glass fiber in the optical fiber cable, but in the application of the project, it is often not strictly distinguished from the same name of the two.

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