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The difference between MPO and MTP optical fiber connection standards

- Mar 19, 2018 -

With the rapid development of cloud computing, data center, cloud storage and other applications gradually penetrate various industries, the bandwidth requirements of network communication along with the rapid increase of high speed and high capacity, and high bandwidth often require more space to higher costs, the existence of this long-term contradiction, MTP/MPO optical fiber wiring standard has become the current high density high the bandwidth of the best solution. There are two kinds of MTP and MPO optical fiber connection systems on the market today. They are very similar and can be compatible to each other to a certain extent, and what is the difference between them.

MPO (Multi-fiber Pull Off) is the first generation of shrapnel clip type multi-core optical fiber connector designed by Japan's NTT communication company. Now it is the name of a multi core connector manufactured by several companies.  And MTP, a brand registered by the USConec company in the United States, refers to the unique type of the MPO connector it produces.

What is the MPO connector?

MPO is the English abbreviation for "multi-fiber pull off". The plug of the joint has more than 1 core cores and is stuck in a mechanical way.

There are many kinds of MPO design in the market. The performance and cost of different types of connecting products are very different. The characteristics of some products make their performance more prominent. Some MPO connectors can match many different brand products, but some can't, and this compatibility depends on how close the connector design is to standard products. For the complete definition of the MPO connector, refer to the implementation of IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5 (aka FOCIS 5).

What is the MT core?

MT is mechanical butt transmission, and the core is multi core (usually 12 core). The performance of the connector is determined by the alignment accuracy of the optical fiber, and whether the alignment accuracy can be stable after the connection. Finally, the alignment accuracy is determined by the eccentricity and spacing of the optical fiber and the accuracy of the matching of the guiding needle and the optical fiber. The performance of any MPO connector can be improved if the deviation of the guide and molding process can be reduced during the production process.

What is MTP? Fiber optic connector?

MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. Compared with the general MPO connector, MTP optical fiber connector has been enhanced in optical and mechanical properties. The MTP connector fully meets the professional standards of all MPO connectors, including EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7.

The MPO connector is a MTP MTP connector which is in line with the industry standard. This means that it is feasible to use MTP connector to replace the MPO connector to get better performance. Most of the MPO connectors designed with the old ones are quite limited in performance and can't provide the same high performance as the MTP fiber connector.

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