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Life span of fiber optic patch cord

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Optical fiber jumper is optical fiber cable equipment used in most modern communication industry, because of its connection with long distance and low insertion loss, good repeatability and no return loss a lot, can support multiple devices at the same time, company performance is good, no heat, good temperature stability. Fiber optic jumper is suitable for cable TV network, telecommunication network, computer optical fiber network and optical testing equipment.

Because of the need to switch optical fiber jumpers and normal tests during maintenance, optical fiber connectors often need to be inserted and pulled out, which leads to the problem of maximum lifetime of plug and pull. This problem should be based on the premise that optical fiber connectors are normally inserted without any mechanical damage, and the additional loss is no more than the limit value (usually the limit is 0.2dB). The lifespan of a fiber optic connector is generally determined by the mechanical wear of the component. At present, the pluggable life of the fiber optic connector can generally reach more than l000 times, and the additional loss is not more than 0.2dB. For the optical fiber connector using the slotted ceramic coupling sleeve, the static fatigue will cause the sleeve rupture due to the crack growth of the ceramic material. According to the relevant information, the failure probability of the unscreened sleeve for 20 years is 10-4. If the screening tests were carried out by 2.6 times larger than the working stress, there would be no rupture within 20 years.

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