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Current development status of ordinary fiber

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Our most common fiber is ordinary fiber. Optical fiber communication technology, the gradual development of the system, a single wavelength information capacity and optical relay distance increase performance of G.652 fiber produced may further improve the performance, in different regions, a single-mode fiber ITUTG.654 compliant cutoff wavelength, and in line with the provisions of the single-mode fiber G.653, made a perfect development.

Development status of core network

Several main lines of our country have fully adopted optical fiber cable, multi mode fiber has been eliminated reasonably, and the single mode fiber is fully implemented. Two kinds of fiber are commonly used in G.652 and G.655. After the initial use of G.653 in China, it will not continue to develop in the future. G.654 also has never been used in China's terrestrial optical cable because it can not achieve a large increase in the capacity of the system. Mainline optical cables are mostly outdoors, most of which use discrete optical fibers, and the old structures of these cables have been disused.

Current development of optical fiber cable in access network

The optical fiber cable of the access network has many characteristics, such as many branches, short distance, frequent difference of difference, and the network capacity is usually increased by increasing the number of fiber core.  Because the inner diameter of the pipeline in the city is certain, it is very important to reduce the weight of the optical cable with the increase of the core number of the fiber and the increase of the density of the assembly. The access network usually uses a single mode fiber (G.652) single mode fiber or a single mode fiber with low water peak of G.652C. The latter is only a small amount of input in our country.

The development of indoor optical fiber cable

Indoor optical fiber cable usually needs to be able to meet different requirements and have a variety of functions. For example, the transmission of data, voice and video signals may also be used in remote control and sensors. In the optical cable classification of IEC, the indoor optical fiber cable is separated. It consists of two parts, namely, the local optical cable and the integrated cable. The optical cable of the integrated wiring is generally placed in the user side of the room. The main purpose of the cable is for the user to use, so it must take into account its vulnerability. The main cloth of the optical cable is placed in the Central Bureau and other various kinds of telecommunication machine rooms, and the position of the cloth is relatively fixed. The relevant standards of IEC have been transformed into national standards of China.

Development status of communication optical cable in power line

Optical fiber is only a non dielectric, but the cable can be a full medium, and it is completely non metal. The dielectric fiber cable will be the most ideal line in the power system. In the laying of poles, there are two main structures of two kinds of all dielectric fiber cables: one is the winding structure used for overhead ground wires, the other is a fully dielectric self supporting structure. Because the full medium self bearing structure can be distributed separately and has wide range of adaptation, it has been widely implemented in the process of power system transformation in China.

In China, many kinds of optical fiber cables, such as ADSS, have been generated to meet the requirements of the market. The structure, performance and standards of the products have been further improved.

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